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English for Business and Academic Studies (EBAS)

Hello, Shakespeare.

Get ready to master the English language and unlock the skills within you. You have the ability to express yourself with ease. It’s time to let your English shine. Our innovative teaching will help you master the English language skills you need to succeed at AIHM and beyond.

The best lessons happen when you’re having fun. AIHM’s English for Business and Academic Studies (EBAS) course breaks down the walls that keep you from reaching your goals. Together as a group, we’ll explore, experiment and express ourselves. Build the confidence you need to bring your English to the surface. Practice and develop your English communication abilities in supportive, dynamic environment. You have never taken an English course like this before.

What Makes Our English Classes Different?

AIHM’s EBAS course helps you succeed faster and more effectively. How will we help you reach your goals? Through three key differences:


Integrated Learning

The real world doesn’t separate English skills into neat little boxes. Instead of separate classes for reading, writing, listening and speaking, AIHM develops your English skills through real-world activities and play-based learning that allow you to exercise your skills more naturally.


Innovative Teaching

AIHM’s instructors power their lessons with the latest research in teaching and learning techniques. We understand the secrets to mastering English as a foreign language. Through smart use of technology, games and continuous positive feedback that highlights your progress, we support your continuous advancement. Enjoy exciting classes that help you learn more quickly and fully.


Individualised Support

Every learner is different. Maybe you understand English well when listening, but when it’s your turn to speak, the words just don’t want to come out. Perhaps you speak English beautifully, but when it’s time to write an email, those Shakespeare skills fly away from you. We customise your learning and give you the challenges you need to reach the next level.

Why Study English at AIHM?

Many EBAS students take the course in preparation for further studies at AIHM. The EBAS course helps you develop the skills you need to succeed in the BBA degree programme at AIHM and beyond. The course is designed to bring students from a 4.5 to 5.5 IELTS score.

You learn the English skills you need for both business and academic studies. Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In addition, we will spend extra time focusing on the language of hospitality, tourism and travel. If you wish to pursue a career in hospitality management, this English class is the course for you. EBAS helps you improve your overall level of English plus gives special attention to the vocabulary and communication situations you will frequently encounter working in the hotel and tourism industries.


What Does a Typical EBAS Class Look Like?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every EBAS class is different. You learn in a fun, dynamic setting. That means you enjoy new challenges and new activities all the time. Enjoy activities created around songs, films, podcasts, YouTube videos and more real-world resources.

What stays the same? Each class fosters a sense of community and excitement. Often, we transform the classroom into different stations. You move from pod to pod and experience different exercises related to the same topic. At Station A, you might listen to a podcast and take notes. At Station B, interview your fellow students about their reactions to the podcast. Read a review of the podcast at Station C and investigate how the writer used English language to argue his points. At Station D, you might be asked to write an email to the podcast producer; express your ideas for a new episode, and explain why your idea is excellent using the English-language writing techniques you discovered at Station C.

Because every student has different strengths and different growth areas, you might be given slightly different tasks based around the same topic. We give you the challenges you need to grow. As your skills develop, so do your challenges.

Each English class at AIHM might look a little different, but the level of excitement is always the same.

How Do We Tailor the Course to You?

Before the course begins, we will test your current English skills with a special exam—Versant by Pearson. This exam gives us a detailed picture of your levels in various communication areas. Based on the results, your instructor will tailor the learning activities and games you take part in with your fellow students.

Together as a class, you will enjoy activities based around the same topics and resources. However, different students may be given slightly different challenges or tasks to help them learn quickly according to their own individual situation.

Our supportive instructors are dedicated to your success. They understand every student is different and customise your learning journey. You receive the individual attention you need while also learning in a fun group setting.

Who Are Your Instructors?

Learn from some of Thailand’s most engaging language instructors. All EBAS faculty are native English speakers with specialised training in teaching English as a foreign language. Using a wealth of high-performance teaching techniques and individualised instruction, your teachers will help you improve rapidly and dramatically. Reach your goals while having fun as a part of the AIHM community.

Course Details


English for Business and Academic Studies is a 15-week course (3 days a week with 6 hours of learning per day). In addition to your classroom learning experience, AIHM’s instructors provide you with fun learning activities to complete outside of the classroom during your days off each week to practice your new skills and make continuous progress. The EBAS course is designed to help you achieve an IELTS score of 5.5, starting from 4.5,  in order to prepare you for entry into the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme.

Students who already have an IELTS of 5.0 may wish to take a shorter 8-week version of the EBAS course.

Tuition Fees

  • 15-Week English for Business and Academic Studies (EBAS): THB 99,000.-   
  • 8-Week English for Business and Academic Studies (EBAS) 

Admission Criteria

Students who wish to enter the EBAS course should meet the following criteria:

Age: 16 years old minimum – Mature students are also welcome.

The programme is open to students with English-language scores in the following ranges:

  • TOEFL Paper: 477-510
  • TOEFL iBT Paper: 52-60
  • IELTS: 4.5 average

For students who want to progress to the Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Hospitality Management, view the programme information and admissions requirement here.