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AI Hotel Marketing

AI is transforming the business world—and society as a whole. How can you use ‘artificial intelligence’ intelligently? Master the art of AI-driven marketing for the hospitality industry in this two-day course that will empower you with the AI essentials you can begin profiting from immediately.


AI is coming. In fact, it’s already here. Are you afraid of being left behind? You know should be taking advantage of AI…but how? This course is your chance to master the art of AI-driven marketing for the hospitality industry.

You’ve heard that AI is transforming the business landscape. The entire world is standing on the precipice of immense change. Early adopters of AI technology are making massive improvements to their businesses. What are they doing? How can you take advantage of their techniques? What should you be doing and what mistakes do you need to avoid? Learn the crucial essentials in this intensive-but-fun weekend course.

The AI for Hotel Marketing course will hone your marketing acumen, ensuring you're ready to not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of travellers. Seize the opportunity to connect with guests through AI precision, uphold your brand's integrity with ethical marketing, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest AI trends.

Step into a world where artificial intelligence meets hotel marketing excellence, tailored exclusively for industry leaders at all career levels. This weekend course is your gateway to harnessing AI in creating impactful marketing strategies that resonate with the modern traveler.

Course Essentials:

Strategic Insight

Grasp how AI can sharpen your hotel's market strategy, positioning your brand for optimal guest engagement and loyalty.

Digital Prowess

Take command of AI tools to enhance your marketing, connecting with guests through precision and personalisation.

Principled Innovation

Balance data-driven marketing initiatives with steadfast ethical standards, safeguarding your brand's reputation and customer confidence.

Forward Thinking

Prepare for the next wave of marketing innovation, with AI leading the charge in crafting forward-thinking campaigns and guest experiences.

Join us to refine your marketing prowess, build lasting guest relationships, and drive steadfast growth for your brand. This is not just about staying current—it's about leading the charge in your industry.



Hotel Industry Managers and Directors

Steer your hotel's marketing strategy with the latest AI technology. Learn what others are doing and how you can utilise their techniques for your own success.


Forward-thinking Hotel Owners

Stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are hands-on or hands-off in the management of your property, it’s important to understand the big picture and the changes rapidly reinventing the hotel business.


Hospitality Industry Professionals

Are you a hotel professional ready to deepen your expertise in AI to carry out your job more effectively? Whether you work in marketing or another field, this course will help you understand and use AI, today and as it continues to rapidly evolve.


Learn how to:

Navigate the AI Marketing Landscape

Understand the scope of AI in the hotel industry, including current and emerging trends.

Strategise with AI

Formulate and implement AI-driven marketing strategies that align with business goals and enhance ROI.

Enhance Guest Experiences

Use AI to craft personalised guest experiences from booking to post-stay, increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

Utilise Data with Precision

Analyse and leverage guest data ethically to make informed marketing decisions and predict future behaviours.

Leverage Digital Platforms

Optimise your hotel's presence on various digital platforms using AI to target and engage potential guests.

Prepare for the Future

Gain insights into the future of AI in marketing to keep your strategies ahead of the curve and adaptable to change.



This course consists of 
Learning hours

Module 1: Introduction to AI in Hotel Marketing

Understanding the basics of AI and its application in hotel marketing.

Key Topics:

A primer to introduce AI concepts, tools and their applications in hotel marketing:

  • The role of AI in modern hotel marketing
  • An overview of AI tools and technologies
  • Case studies: Successful AI implementations in the hospitality industry
  • Starting with AI: First steps for hoteliers

Module 2: Advanced AI Marketing Strategies


Delving deeper into sophisticated AI hotel marketing tactics

Key Topics:

Leveraging AI for advanced marketing and customer service strategies:

  • Predictive analytics for anticipating guest needs
  • AI in customer segmentation
  • Chatbots and AI in customer service
  • AI in revenue management

Module 3: AI-Driven Digital and Social Media Marketing


Leveraging AI for impactful digital and social media presence

Key Topics:
Explore the role of AI in enhancing digital presence and social media engagement:

  • AI tools for social media management and engagement
  • Content personalisation and optimisation with AI
  • Influencer marketing & AI
  • AI in online advertising: measuring and enhancing digital campaign performance

Module 4: AI Integration and Implementation


Practical steps for integrating and implementing AI in hotel marketing.

Key Topics:
Hands-on approach to integrating and measuring the impact of AI in hotel operations

  • Developing an AI implementation roadmap for your hotel
  • Integrating AI into existing systems
  • Training staff and aligning organisational culture with AI adoption
  • Special Highlight: Gain insights into the “AI Hotel Marketing Future Report 2030," envisioning the long-term trajectory of AI in the hospitality industry


With over 15 years of experience in luxury hospitality and a passion for the emerging field of AI-driven marketing, Katrin Goetzke stands at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology into hotel marketing. Having founded AI Hotel Marketing following her influential tenure at Soneva, she specialises in pioneering AI solutions for hotels and resorts.

Her career spans pivotal marketing roles at the headquarters of four major hotel chains across Europe, the Maldives and Thailand. Uniting this diverse experience with a future-forward outlook, she continues to provide strategic and visionary leadership in the hospitality industry. Through highly impactful marketing workshops and crafting transformative AI marketing strategies, she serves as an invaluable asset to luxury hotel teams aiming to enhance their brand presence and drive sales intelligently by making the most of AI’s incredible power and potential.


Our course is designed for ambitious professionals. There are no admission requirements to enroll in this course. You can come from any sector and bring a host of background experiences.


To enroll, choose the desired intake and fill in your personal details. You will receive an email with the payment link. You are accepted in the course only upon receipt of payment.


We must receive payment at least five days before the start of the course. Late enrollments can be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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