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Deloitte Risk Academy was established in 2022, dedicated to meeting the evolving educational needs of Southeast Asia's workforce.

In response to the demand for practical learning and hands-on training, our academy is committed to equipping professionals with the skills essential for navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

Specialising in key domains such as Corporate Governance, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, and Risk Management, we offer tailored training programs curated to address the challenges faced by organisations.

We strive to provide a nurturing environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and personal growth. With a team of dedicated industry practitioners, we leverage cutting-edge frameworks and present real-life case studies to provide a holistic learning experience.

The carefully designed curriculums aim to inspire and prepare the workforce for the future, emphasising both adaptability and resilience. Our goal is to empower organisations and individuals alike, arming them with the knowledge and abilities needed to thrive in the dynamic business landscape of tomorrow.

AIHM & Deloitte Risk Academy: Elevating Professional Excellence in Bangkok


We're thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between AIHM and Deloitte Risk Academy, bringing a world-class learning opportunity to Bangkok. This partnership combines AIHM's commitment to academic rigor and leadership development with Deloitte's renowned expertise in risk management and professional training.

Empower Your Future with Cutting-Edge Courses

Deloitte Risk Academy's comprehensive program offers an array of courses designed to empower professionals across various domains. From Crisis Management to Sustainability, Business Excellence to Cybersecurity, our collaboration ensures you have access to the latest in professional training.


Key Highlights:

  • Crisis Management Mastery: Learn to navigate complex crises with courses on effective communication, social media strategies, and leadership under pressure.
  • Sustainability and Ethics: Dive into corporate governance, sustainability reporting, and ethical business practices for a sustainable future.
  • Agile Project Management: Embrace agile methodologies with our specialized courses, perfect for adapting to the dynamic business environment.
  • Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity: Stay ahead in the digital era with programs on data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital transformation fundamentals.


Why AIHM & Deloitte?

This collaboration signifies our commitment to providing unmatched professional growth opportunities. With Deloitte's global expertise and AIHM's educational excellence, we are set to redefine professional development in Bangkok. Join us in this venture to enhance your skills, expand your network, and propel your career to new heights.


Embrace the Opportunity, Shape Your Future

Ready to advance your professional journey? Discover more about our courses and how you can be a part of this unique educational experience. Elevate your skills, broaden your perspectives, and join the league of future-ready professionals with AIHM and Deloitte Risk Academy. This is more than just learning; it’s about transforming your potential into impactful success. Let’s embark on this journey of excellence together in Bangkok.


How You Will Learn

Our executive education courses are held on weekends, with morning and afternoon sessions consisting of lectures, case studies and group projects, with breaks in between for lunch and networking. The course wraps up with a one-hour written assessment, then presentation of your certificate.


Learn from the Best

Deloitte consultants are experts in their field, whether finance, analytics, IT or sustainability. And at the Deloitte Academy


Dr. Nongnuch Laomaneerattanaporn

Partner | Risk Advisory

Deloitte Thailand



Senawee Keattikul

Senior Manager | Risk Advisory

Deloitte Thailand



Dr. Bordin Vongvitayapirom

Senior Manager | Sustainability & Climate COE

Deloitte Thailand



Thanida Lawseriwanich

Assistant Manager | Sustainability & Climate COE

Deloitte Thailand



Dissayanun Pinsuwan

Assistant Manager | Sustainability & Climate COE

Deloitte Thailand



Benjamas Pongkasem

Director | Risk Advisory

Deloitte Thailand



Puttida Sriwong

Senior Manager | Risk Advisory

Deloitte Thailand




Join us now to unlock a world of opportunities!


Upcoming Courses


Date Course Expert
27-28 April 2024 Fundamentals of Carbon Management in Hospitality Dr. Bordin Vongvitayapirom, Dissayanun Pinsuwan, Thanida Lawseriwanich
 27-28 April 2024 Adopting Generative AI: Transforming your workflow Benjamas Pongkasem, Puttida Sriwong 
25-26 May 2024 Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Hospitality Dr. Nongnuch Laomaneerattanaporn, Senawee Keattikul




English | Thai

ChatGPT may be all the rage, but there is so much more on the generative AI horizon. Be an early adopter and revolutionise the way you think and do business. 



English | Thai

You may not be in the finance department, but every manager needs financial acumen. Familiarise yourself with finance and accounting principles and strategise your way to maximum profitability.



English | Thai

Sustainability is not only a moral imperative, but also a fiscal one. Learn how to quantify then reduce your carbon footprint throughout your operations and supply chain.